Data Capture is considered as the process in which identification, as well as the abstraction of data from the multiple sources like Scanned Documents, PDF’s, Online Portals etc. is done. In today’s time, it has become vital to have the correct data so that informed decisions can be made.

We, at Vision Data India, offer quality data capturing and data extraction services, making sure that your treasured information is available with a click of a mouse. Our experts will assist you in capturing and extracting data from all kinds of documents right from print, online, scanned directories to catalogs.

  • Knowledgeable resources
  • From any source to any layout
  • Data extraction from the web
  • Electronic publication
  • Firm quality regulator
  • Use of cutting-edge technology

Data Capture Service Performed By Vision Data Entry:

We have a group of professionals who perform data capture from documents that contain numerical data such as Credit Card Statements, Bank Statements, Revenue Records, Medical Data,  Financial Statements etc. This service is also performed from all kinds of printed documents like Yellow Pages, Index Cards, Business Listings, Brochures and many more.

We also implement data capture from scanned records & image and image-based documents like Invoices, Medical History, Payroll, Books, Engineering Drawings, Graphs, charts as well as media possessing pictorial data.

Our Core Benefits to Client?


We follow strict processes that ensure a high level of accuracy and stringent quality control processes to ensure quality. We always try to provide 99.9% accuracy to our clients.


Lowering operation costs is the main objective of every business. By outsourcing the data capture work a huge amount can be saved. We also offer this service at a cost-effective price.


Our Company has a group of proficient professionals that offer service in order to meet your exact needs. We also customize the services so that the meticulous requirement can be met.

Why You Should Choose Vision Data India?

We completely understand the value of your data due to which we take strict measures so that security can be maintained. The Data Capture and Extraction service provided by us is of premium quality as well as reasonable cost. Our service ensures complete precision when converting text & numeric-based documents from printed formats into data in electronic format.

Our experts will work closely with your in-house team so that desired results can be delivered within a given time frame. We will also appoint a keen project manager to you when you will work with us to outsource your data capture work.

Discuss Your Project With Us

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